Member Organizations

ACA is first and foremost a community that provides its member organizations (“member orgs”) the opportunities, recognition, and resources necessary to grow and flourish as student groups. We expect our member organizations to be active members of our Assembly and strive to foster academic culture on campus. The relationship between ACA and its member organizations is a collaborative two-way street working towards a common goal.

We are committed to fostering and developing an academic culture at USC that reflects the caliber of its students and their passion for the intricacies of the world around them by collaborating with and funding various student organizations on campus. Membership extends to academic clubs, honor societies, artistic groups, literary journals, and any other organization related to curiosity, the humanities, the sciences, personal growth or interdisciplinary exploration.

Our inter-organization community is currently the fastest growing feature of ACA and now is an exciting time to apply to join!

If you are interested in finding out if ACA is right for your student organization, please download our Member Organization Handbook. You can apply at any point during the semester to become an ACA member organization and gain eligibility for funding. Please be prepared to give a brief (5-10 minute) presentation to the executive board in addition to the application below.