TEDxTrousdale 2016


TEDxTrousdale serves to quench the curiosities and expand the interests of all USC students. Regardless of major, age or background, we intend to enable all students to become aware of what their peers have to share and offer, in terms of experience, insight and advice.

On Saturday, April 16th, one hundred Trojans will come together for four hours to listen to students and recent USC alumni share their passions, projects and experiences with their peers. TEDxTrousdale hopes to build a sense of community across campus to share interdisciplinary knowledge and showcase the talents of our student leaders. We hope this event will start a dialogue between all speakers and attendees, connecting varying communities under a single vision.

Why “Trousdale”?

Trousdale is more than just a main street that stretches from one end of USC’s campus to the other; it is also a place and resource for students to learn, share and grow. Trousdale is traditionally used as a place for student organizations to congregate and promote their causes. Its prime location in the heart of campus makes it a frequent home to the University-wide involvement fair, multiple career fairs and USG election campaigning, amongst others. It is the street that all students, one way or another, find themselves on, but most importantly, it is the street that brings the USC community together.

Interested in speaking or performing? Applications are due at tedxtrousdale2016@gmail.com (subject line: “Speaker Application”) by 5pm on Sunday, January 24th.

Speaker Application

Interested in joining our selection committee and helping to bring this event to life? Please send your application (subject line: “Selection Committee Application”) to us at tedxtrousdale2016@gmail.com by 5pm on Sunday, January 17th.

Selection Committee Application

For any TEDx-related inquiries, please email USC ACA at either uscacademicculture@gmail.com or at tedxtrousdale2016@gmail.com.

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