Want to be on ACA E Board?

The Academic Culture Assembly encourages the pursuit of learning through interdisciplinary exploration and programming. ACA strives to remind students that learning is fun by fostering an inclusive environment that promotes curiosity and conversations beyond the classroom. ACA is also the umbrella organization for academic student organizations on campus, providing a community of support, guidance, and funding for member organizations.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions on the ACA Executive Board:

Position Description
Membership Director Forge, improve, and maintain relationships with member organizations. Run member organization meetings.
Campus Relations Director Collaborate with university departments including Academy for Polymathic Study, Center for Excellence in Teaching, and Stevens Institute for Innovation
Marketing Director Create marketing strategies and timelines for ACA and member organization events using email listservs, print media, social media / photo campaigns.Collaborate with photography director on visual campaigns.
Internship Director Coordinate internship program and logistics of event volunteers
Technology Director Improve, update, and maintain ACA website
Photography Director Document events using photography and/or video. Collaborate with marketing director on visual campaigns.
Graphics Director In charge of branding ACA, in collaboration with marketing and photography directors.Design creative promotional event graphics.
Intern Open and fluid position designed to cultivate ACA’s next generation of leaders

Applications are due Friday May 3, in order to apply, click below.

ACA E Board App 2013-14


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