What is Practical Swagger?

Tuesday November 8, 2011 ACA will be co-hosting an event with Program Board’s Speakers Committee called Practical Swagger.

This event is a great opportunity to get some advice and guidance about simple topics like personal finances and leadership that college students need to know but don’t because there is a lack of information out there readily available for us college students specifically. Gabe Albarian is the self-proclaimed financial swagger king and he will tell you all of the little dirty secrets about how to manage your finances and keep out of debt in college. He will also be hosting a workshop after the event where he will show attendees how to find, read, and diagnose their credit score. Gina Rudan wrote a best selling book entitled Practical Genius all about finding the leader within all of us and how to bring out that genius in the people we surround ourselves with. Her lecture is sure to echo well with college students looking to find their firm voice in a sea of many.

Make sure to come out to Practical Swagger, the best combination of ways to invest in your future right now all in a neatly bundled event next Tuesday in THH 201 @ 7pm.


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