New Member Orgs Rule

This is a notice to our member organizations that this year ACA will be running a tighter ship so to speak. We have been very hands off in the past but this year that changes entirely. This year, we have new funding methods that we expect Member Organizations to adhere to. The new funding form on our website and the requirement that someone from the Member Org needs to present the request PERSONALLY to ACA are just some of the new requirements we have added.

Other additions include stricter rules about attendance. Being a member organization of ACA means more than just a funding source although in years past that is all it has been. This year we expect our Member Orgs to actually act like they are a part of ACA by attending at least 2 of our events per semester and when I say attending I mean that 3 or more of the members of the organization (preferably the executive board members) are in attendance.

Our Members Organization Dinner which is coming up soon (third week of September) is now required to receive any funding at all. At this event will be breaking down further what we expect out of member organizations and the rules and process of receiving funding from ACA or Program Board in general.

Stay tuned for information about the tighter integration of Member Organizations into ACA.


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