Who We Are


The Academic Culture Assembly is a programming group, funding source, and congregating forum for academic interests and student organizations. We are dedicated to creating and fostering an academic culture at USC that reflects the caliber of its students and their passion for the intricacies of the world around them. ACA believes that by providing cohesion for our diverse interests through dialogue, discussion, and quality programming, we can invigorate ourselves with curiosity and confront challenges with academic responsibility.

Executive Board, 2016-2017

Luis Vidalon-Suzuki, Executive Director

Natalie Nguyen, Co-Assistant Director/EdMonth Director

Kathleen Park, Co-Assistant Director

Allison Bowen, Advocacy Director

Heather Lemaster, Communications Director

Victoria Martinez, Co-EdMonth Assistant Director

Jocelyn Urrutia, Co-EdMonth Assistant Director

Connor Chapkis, Finance Director

Joanna Lee, Graphics and Media Director

Winny Huang, Co-Marketing Director

Jamie Wu, Co-Marketing Director

Julia Doherty, Membership Director

Richard Huang, Intern

Medeeha Khan, Intern

Sofia Ong, Intern

Mission Statement:
The Academic Culture Assembly encourages the pursuit of learning through interdisciplinary exploration and programming. ACA strives to remind students that learning is fun by fostering an inclusive environment that promotes curiosity and conversations beyond the classroom. ACA is an umbrella organization for academic student organizations on campus, providing a community of support, guidance, and funding for member organizations, who are encouraged to collaborate on events.

Previous programs have included our annual research banquet Beyond Books, Mental Health Awareness Month, EdMonth, Study Nights, TEDxTrousdale, and speaker events featuring phenomenal leaders such as Bill Nye, Sir Ken Robinson, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, among many more!

Meetings: Mondays 8-9pm (TCC 351)